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Django Project Conventions, Revisited | Zack’s Blog.

A nice look at yet another django deployment strategy.  Always like reading these to get insight into my own deployment setups

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Johnny Cache Caching Framework. This looks awesome.

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Django In Depth

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG slideshow covering django in depth by Ubernostrum (James Bennett)

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Screencast - django-template-repl |

This looks awesome. I use the standard Python REPL daily.

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MongoEngine User Documentation — MongoEngine v0.2.2 documentation

I can’t wait to try this one out as I’ve been playing a bit with mongodb in recent days.

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Favorite Django Tips & Features? - Stack Overflow

Great Stack Overflow thread with lots of great Django tips.

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Welcome to django-authority’s documentation! — django-authority v0.4dev documentation

django-authority is an extension to the basic permission set that django.contrib.auth provides. “It provides a very simple way to create per-object-permissions. You might be more familiar with the term row level permissions.”

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Deploying Django sites using RPM - Chris Adams

A nice clean set of instructions for building your own RPM for django deployment. Now, this is what I’v e been looking for.

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Top 10 tips to a new django developer : Dpeepul Blog

Great list of tips for setting up and deploying your Django app. A best practices if you will.

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Django-SocialAuth - Login via twitter, facebook, openid, yahoo, google using a single app. — The Uswaretech Blog - Django Web Development

A promising django authentication app that allows you to login with openid, facebook, yahoo, google and twitter. Looks great!

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